May 13, 2022

I have been receiving cosmetic acupuncture treatments with Kristy regularly for the past two months and am definitely converted! After each session I have felt refreshed, energized, and healthier, inside and out. This was my first time trying acupuncture and the sessions are surprisingly pleasant, there is no pain, and the end of the session is very rejuvenating and stimulating to my skin. I have noticed a positive difference in my skin, and since starting the treatments I have not seen any of the periodic facial puffiness that I have been experiencing off and on as I’ve gotten older. Nothing I’ve tried up until now has successfully treated my under-eye puffiness until I tried cosmetic acupuncture. It has also provided an additional benefit of improved sleep after each session. Kristy is wonderful, very professional and experienced, and has discussed how I am feeling generally before each treatment, individualizing it to my specific needs. I am so happy I have discovered cosmetic acupuncture!