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Acupuncture Specials


  • Community Acupuncture Sessions: 2 for $30
  • Nottingham: Monday’s 2:00-7:00
  • Hunt Valley: Wednesday’s 10-4

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We’ve renovated our community rooms, and are looking forward to providing affordable, convenient, and most importantly SAFE community acupuncture again.

When you come for your Community Session you will find fewer seats, with 8-10 feet between each chair. You will also see our 4 Stage Filtration Air Purifiers with Plasmawave, further reducing airborne bacteria and viruses.

All chairs and common surfaces are sanitized by our Community Acupuncture specialist, Brooke Cerra, L.Ac.

Book now and in advance, as seating is limited. Just $30 per session.

Still not comfortable with the idea of sharing a room? Try our Standard Acupuncture session, which provides you with the same focused treatment as community treatment, but in a private room. Just $45 per session, or with the Acusaver, 6 Standard sessions for $240- that’s just $40 per session!

What is Community Acupuncture?

Community Acupuncture is the perfect solution to get the frequency and dosage of acupuncture you need, but at a reduced cost if your insurance doesn’t cover acupuncture, or you have a high deductible. In the community setting, our Community Acupuncture specialist is trained to treat all symptoms, including back and neck pain, through the use of distal, or points away from, the area of pain. This incredibly effective method of acupuncture is provided in a quiet relaxing room, in comfortable recliners.

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New Standard Acupuncture

Standard Acupuncture is our new and improved Community Session answer to social distancing. In the past, community acupuncture sessions were in a room with people within a few feet of each other, with no division. Our new and improved 30 minute sessions include a brief intake to treat 1 or 2 main complaints using points from the elbows down, knees down, ears, and head. This point selection is called DISTAL TREATMENT. Just like your community acupuncture session, but with new COVID-19 precautions which gives each client their own space.

Benefits to our New Standard Acupuncture Sessions are:

  • Every session is a Private session
  • If you don’t have insurance benefits or have a high deductible or limited sessions, this will fit your budget
  • You and your acupuncturist have the flexibility to add Traditional Chinese Medicine tools like Gua Sha (scraping), Ban Guan (cupping), Moxabustion (heat therapy), at an affordable rate of just $20 each to your visit to provide you with more focused and effective healing therapy
  • You can upgrade to Full Spectrum Acupuncture if you need focus on other body parts as needed

$45 per session
Acusaver Package 6 sessions for $240
Not covered by insurance

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