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Standard Acupuncture is our New and Improved Community Session answer to social distancing. In the past community acupuncture sessions were in a room with people within a few feet of each other, no division.

Our new and improved 30-minute acupuncture Towson sessions include a brief intake to treat 1 or 2 main complaints using points from the elbows down, knees down, ears and head. This point selection is called DISTAL TREATMENT. Just like your community acupuncture session, but with new COVID-19 precautions which gives each client their own space.

Benefits to our New Standard Acupuncture Sessions are:

  • Every session is a Private session
  • If you don’t have insurance benefits or have high deductible or limited sessions, this will fit your budget
  • You and your acupuncturist have the flexibility to add Traditional Chinese Medicine tools like Gua Sha (scraping), Ban Guan (cupping), Moxabustion (heat therapy), at an affordable rate of just $20 each to your visit to provide you with more focused and effective healing therapy
  • You can upgrade to Full Spectrum Acupuncture if you need focus on other body parts as needed

Towson, located in Baltimore County, is a community that has a lot to offer. Resilient Health Acupuncture Towson is a great place to get help with all your acupuncture needs!

$50 per session
Acusaver Package 6 sessions for $270
Not covered by insurance

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