Microneedling is the perfect example of where Traditional Chinese Medicine meets Modern technology to harness our ability to produce collagen in specific areas of the body. Similar to acupuncture, your body will respond to the micro-traumas caused by our professional-level microneedling device by producing more collagen as part of natural wound healing. 

Our microneedling device penetrates deeper than those found on the consumer market because your acupuncturist is licensed to use a professional device which causes deeper penetration than products available to consumers. You get faster results and have the combined benefit of deeper needling with the use of Chinese herbal formulas and hyaluronic acid, which penetrate deeper into the skin for maximum benefit. Your results can last 3-5 years before you need another round of treatments.

Microneedling has shown great results with diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, age spots and hyperpigmentation, scarring, evening skin tone, reducing acne breakouts and severity, and promotes hair growth from the natural balding process and more acute causes of hair loss. 

Nano-needling is similar to microneedling but is less intensive, penetrating at a lesser depth. Nano-needling is done more frequently and recommended for people who may be sensitive, or have current acne breakouts or other skin sensitivities, as well as anyone with complaints about eye bags and dark circles. 

How often do I need to come in for treatment? 

That depends on what you are seeking treatment for. Microneedling for aging, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles can be done up to twice per month, up to 6 sessions total. 

Microneedling for hair growth/scalp treatments is done twice per month, and depending on the person,  Nano-needling is sometimes done on off weeks to continue to produce hair growth. We recommend 6 sessions. 

Nano-needling can be done up to twice per week, and we highly recommend it for dark circles and bags under the eyes. 

How is this treatment different from less expensive DIY products I can get online? 

Our microneedling services differ in intensity from the consumer products you see online. Acupuncturists are licensed and able to use equipment that penetrates at a deeper level, ultimately giving you faster and longer-lasting results. 

I have had peels for scarring, can I do microneedling to help with remaining scarring from acne? 

Yes, you can. Depending on your skin type, you may have microneedling, or your microneedling specialist might suggest the less intense nano-needling.

I am having Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture. Can I have microneedling too, and will it speed up the results? 

Yes! We recommend Facial Rejuvenation acupuncture to help lift, firm, and tighten skin on the face,  neck, and eyes. The two therapies complement each other and strengthen the results of your therapies. 

Is there a lot of downtime after treatment? 

Many people are red for 8-12 hours after treatment, but you can resume normal skin care, exercise, and make-up routines 24 hours after treatment. 

Is there anyone who should not try micro/nano needling? 

Yes, anyone with local infection or those with extreme keloidal tendency, chemo, or radiation patients. Patients on anticoagulants are able to have nano-needling treatments. 

Is there anything I should do differently on the day of my appointment? 

Don’t wear makeup to your session or for the rest of the day. If you have makeup on, we have makeup remover you can use in the clinic before your appointment. 


Microneedling Scalp
Microneedling Scarring: 

$105 per individual session 

$600 for a six-pack of sessions 

Microneedling Face
Microneedling Neck: 

$155 per individual session 

$900 for a six-pack of sessions 

Red/Blue/Yellow Wavelength Light Therapy 

Increases collagen production by 200%. We highly recommend our professional grade light therapy with all microneedling services to boost your results and effectiveness, especially for hair regrowth. 

When you combine our microneedling treatment with our Professional Level 1226 LED light therapy with over 30,000 lumens, you have the perfect and complete package of wholistic skincare that is effective and safe. Your 20-minute light therapy session improves skin laxity, promotes collagen production, decreases bacteria in the skin, and increases microcirculation in the scalp. This treatment is done during your appointment, after your microneedling is completed. 

Pricing: Included with microneedling session

Without microneedling services: $75 per session

Before & After Photos

This is a client who was treated with microneedling for fine lines and skin tone, after 3 sessions. (This is only 1/2 way through a 6 session treatment plan!)



This is a client who had 6 sessions at the time of this photo, with treatment every other week.



This is a client who used Microneedling for Acne.


Client Left Side Befor
Client Forehead Before
Client Right Side Before


Client Left Side After
Client After Forehead
Client Right Side After