Health Benefits of Microneedling

Health Benefits of Microneedling

Jul 6, 2022 | Microneedling

5 Hidden Health Benefits of MicroNeedling for Hair Loss, Hyperpigmentation, and More

You’ve no doubt heard the term “death by a thousand cuts.” Sounds unpleasant, not to mention inadvisable if at all possible – right?

Believe it or not, by using Traditional Chinese Medicine, healing – not harm – can frequently be achieved with hundreds, even thousands, of tiny wounds.

Microneedling is a procedure in which minuscule, sterilized needles are used to create skin pricks that prompt a natural healing process inside the body. This cosmetic procedure is frequently performed on the face but can also be used to treat problem areas in the thighs and stomach.

Check out these five great hidden health benefits of microneedling (and how they may be able to help you):

  1. It fosters collagen induction: One of the most significant health benefits of microneedling is its impact on the body’s production of collagen. This critical protein is responsible for the health, strength, and elasticity of our skin. By causing mini traumas to our skin, microneedling triggers our body’s natural healing processes and launches the production of collagen, which helps our skin self-repair from various damages.
  2. It promotes skin tone success: Overexposure to the sun’s intense rays can not only do a number on your body’s collagen production, but it can also lead to conditions such as hyperpigmentation, or sunspots. These unsightly discolorations are typically found on one’s face and hands and are caused by an overabundance of melanin. During treatment, microneedling helps to break up the concentrated melanin in the skin, reducing the discoloration in troubled areas and stimulating a more even complexion.
  3. It reduces wrinkles and age lines: As we age, the amount of collagen our bodies produce begins to drop. This ultimately leads to a thinning of the skin, making it more vulnerable to age lines, wrinkles, and bagginess. By stimulating collagen production, as mentioned above, we can give our skin a new lease on life, so to speak – and routine microneedling appointments can boost these levels even higher, gradually making the skin more durable.
  4. It reduces acne scars: Microneedling can make scars seem less obvious. Many patients seek treatment as a result of deep acne scars, but the procedure can also have a noticeable effect whether scarring is the result of pimples, injury, burns, or other trauma. Again, collagen is the key. Scarring fist occurs when the dermis is breached, and collagen rises to the surface to launch repairs. Similarly, microneedling works by pricking the skin multiple times, which prompts a collagen-rich healing response. This is believed to reduce scar tissue and smooth out previously damaged areas of the skin.
  5. It helps with hair growth: Alopecia made headlines earlier this year when a celebrity dustup on Academy Awards night nonetheless attracted new, and important attention to the medical condition. Microneedling is an extremely effective aid in the fight against this auto-immune disorder – a condition that causes sudden hair loss, typically in circular patches.

In the same that the tiny wounds caused by acupuncture can boost the body’s collagen output, Microneedling is believed to similarly stimulate stem cell growth in the scalp’s hair follicles, fostering new and stronger growth.

Resilient Health Acupuncture can introduce you to the multiple health benefits of microneedling – an affordable, all-natural way to fight the effects of stress and aging.

Depending on the points of treatment, the collagen produced will cumulatively reduce the appearance of fine lines and help to regulate your skin tone, reduce puffiness, alleviate hyperpigmentation, and so much more.

Find out what microneedling can do for you. Contact us today to learn more about same-day acupuncture treatments.