Does Acupuncture Hurt? 3 Reasons You Needn’t Fear the Needle

Does Acupuncture Hurt? 3 Reasons You Needn’t Fear the Needle

Aug 16, 2022 | Acupuncture

Do you have trypanophobia?

If you’re consistently coming up with excuses to delay that blood draw your doctor ordered or feel woozy when you walk past the American Red Cross donor tent – or would rather leap into a lion pit than get a tattoo – it’s a good possibility you do, in fact, have a clinical fear of needles.

And you know what? You’re not alone. Studies have shown that nearly one out of every 10 adults get a little anxious when it comes time to be poked.

Unfortunately, the fear of needles is also what prohibits many individuals from pursuing the many benefits of acupuncture, even if their symptoms make them prime candidates.

“Does acupuncture hurt?” It’s the most common question that specialists answer on a day-to-day basis. Fortunately, the short and quick and true answer is “no.” If you are treated by a skilled and experienced acupuncturist, discomfort should be at an absolute minimum, if present at all.

However, if you’re still on the fence, here are just three great reasons NOT to fear the needle:

  1. Acupuncture needles are hair-thin: The sterile, stainless-steel needles used for acupuncture are so small, thin, and flexible, approximately 18 could fit into a single hypodermic needle. And because these needles are handled by specialists who have undergone years of training, and strategically placed to target problem areas, most patients say they do not even feel the needle entering the skin.
  2. Your practitioner is highly trained: As mentioned, your acupuncturist is a skilled and licensed professional who has completed a 4-year Masters’ Program that allows them to treat patients. Should any sort of discomfort arise, your seasoned acupuncturist is always at hand to provide immediate relief and alter the course of treatment if necessary.
  3. You may feel something – and that’s OK: In fact, it’s better than that, even. If you experience sensation under the skin, that often means your treatment is beginning to work. Many people mention that they feel a dull ache that quickly fades. This is a response to the stimulation caused by the acupuncture needles, which can also result in sensations ranging from a slight tingle to warmth to waves of relaxation. Your acupuncturist will discuss the potential sensations you may experience prior to your first treatment.

At Resilient Health Acupuncture, your safety and comfort come first. Tiny needles are strategically used to create a call-to-action for your immune system. Once the needles have been gently (and painlessly) inserted, your body launches a targeting healing response. This response has been shown via research and evidence to be effective in treating conditions from chronic and acute pain to migraines to digestive disorders, and so much more.

“Does acupuncture hurt?” It shouldn’t. It helps. In so many different ways. Schedule an appointment today and find out for yourself.