Adolescents and Acne: 5 Reasons to Consider Acupuncture Treatment for Teens

Adolescents and Acne: 5 Reasons to Consider Acupuncture Treatment for Teens

Oct 27, 2022 | Acupuncture

Acupuncture Treatment for Teens with Acne

It’s not easy being a teen.

For those of us who can remember back that far, puberty causes our hormones to kick into overdrive, taking the skin’s sebaceous glands along for the ride. Natural oils clog our pores, attracting bacteria and triggering our immune system. Then, bam! Embarrassing (and often painful) acne and pimples. 

The typical teen’s favorite diet – deep-fried everything and other assorted junk foods – only add fuel to the fire. But the biggest culprit, perhaps, is adolescent stress, brought about by everything from school to burgeoning relationships and beyond.

And while viewed by many as purely cosmetic, acne can actually have a significant impact on a teenager’s self-esteem and has even been linked to depression in adolescents as a result.

Traditional treatments have included birth control and Accutane, both of which carry varying degrees of side effects.

Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, on the other hand, have been shown to be incredibly effective in the treatment of adolescent acne. Most importantly, it eliminates the need for more drastic measures. Acupuncture helps by not only treating the external condition but also the condition’s internal source. And it does so without side effects.

Here are four reasons to consider acupuncture treatment for teens:


  1. Less stress: One of the main causes of acne is stress. When our bodies are stressed, they produce an excess of the hormone cortisol. This boosts both oil production and inflammation, which ultimately leads to breakouts. Acupuncture treatment for teens can help to reduce these stresses by stimulating the release of endorphins. These “feel good” hormones have a calming effect on the body and mind, helping to mitigate anxiety.
  2. Regulated hormones. Hormonal imbalances are often at the root of acne breakouts, particularly in teenage girls. By regulating hormones, acupuncture can help to clear up acne and prevent future breakouts.
  3. Reduced inflammation. Acne is characterized by red, inflamed pimples. By increasing blood flow and stimulating the release of anti-inflammatory chemicals in the body, acupuncture reduces this inflammation, helping to heal existing blemishes and prevent new ones from forming.
  4. Boosted immunity. When bacteria get trapped in pores, acne is the result. But acupuncture naturally boosts immunity and fights off infection. Needles trigger the body’s immune response and, in turn, prompt the production of white blood cells. This helps to keep pores clear and prevents breakouts before they start.
  5. Other applications: Acupuncture treatment for teens helps in several other ways, too. It has been shown to improve clarity, focus, and mood, boost energy, foster better sleep and digestion, and so much more. And because acupuncture helps to regulate the nervous system, it has been used to treat children with ADHD, promoting calm and concentration.


Parents of adolescents may want to consider acupuncture treatment for teens. Not only is it a natural, safe, and effective method to treat a variety of conditions, but it can help you help your child through times that are occasionally challenging, emotional, confusing, stressful, and so much more.

It is important to talk to your primary care provider before scheduling your first appointment. When you’re ready, reach out to the Resilient Health Acupuncture team to learn how we can help.




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