We Make Healthcare
Feel Like Self-care

  • Improve your health in a new, natural and effective way with Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Decrease and control chronic pain, while improving your ability to recover from illness and injury.
  • Get support and relief from depression, anxiety, grief, and insomnia naturally, and take your emotional stamina to new levels of resilience.

Keeping you safe during COVID-19

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, RHA has worked hard to implement changes in clinic that will allow our clients to get the services they need, and keep our clients and staff safe.

For Covid precautions:

  1. Our Staff wear masks in our clinics, and in accordance with the CDC guidelines, masks are optional for clients unless otherwise requested by their practitioner during a service.
  2. Practitioners and staff have all been vaccinated and boosted, and wear masks at all times.
  3. No one with flu-like symptoms, cough, fever, recent loss of taste or smell will be seen in clinic.
  4. Common touch areas and rooms are sanitized between each session.

Please call or email the office if you have further questions about our response and your safety during your acupuncture sessions. Your health and safety is our priority.

Resilient Health Acupuncture is Baltimore County’s first full-service acupuncture clinic.

Resilience is defined as the ability to recover from difficulties and spring back into shape after stress and change. At Resilient we meet you where you are and provide the support you need for relief from physical and emotional/mental stress. Our team will work with you towards long term health and Resilience from anywhere on your journey.

Our Services

Cosmetic and Skin Care Acupuncture

Private skin care sessions for acne treatment, scarring and skin rejuvenation.


Weight Management Acupuncture Sessions

We work collaboratively with you no matter where you are in your weight management journey.


Myofascial Release, Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage and more.

Integrative Nutrition

Functional Nutritionist is here to partner with you during acupuncture treatment to maximize your results.


Private Full Spectrum Acupuncture

Full Spectrum Hunt Valley acupuncture is our traditional Private Acupuncture session which includes an in depth consultation on health history, symptoms, and treatment plan schedule.

hunt valley acupuncture


Cupping therapy is one of the oldest methods of traditional Chinese medicine. Several cups are placed on accupoints or meridians and a vacuum is created drawing the skin toward the cup which helps stimulates the flow of blood, realigns qi and releases toxins.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha (Pronounced Gwa Sha) is a part of our Traditional Chinese Medicine Toolbox, along with acupuncture, herbs, moxa, and cupping. Unlike therapeutic pain focused gua sha, which leaves behind the tell-tale signs of petechia, facial gua sha does not leave bruises or marks on the skin.


Some of the various symptoms we treat with Electric Stimulation are:
Knee, hip, ankle, back, shoulder, elbow pain; fatigue and depression; facial rejuvenation; libido and fertility; surgical scar pain; edema; and for improved weight loss results.